My initial area of expertise as a professional was airbrush illustration which I first picked up back in 1981.

I was syndicated with the LA Times as I initially did a lot illustration of work for major newpaers.

I chose to relearn the airbrush digitally when everything went computer back in the early 90's.

Some examples of standard technical illustrations for each of Disney's vacation resort locations.

Logos, illustrations for mechandise, and maps were areas I concentrated on with Disney.

Image Manipulation/ Compositing
Drafting For Fabrication
Tradtional Airbrush
Computer Photo Enhancement

These examples represent my basic areas of focus on illustration

I have been drawing as an illustrator since 1976 so I learned by conventional means as a fine artist. As an Illustrator I have delved many techniques and mediums such as mixed media, painting, airbrush, pen and ink, drafting, graphic design, all of which had to be relearned with the advent of computers in the early 90's.

Since then I have worked with 3'D models, animation, photo image manipulation/ enhansement, and numerous areas of likeminded techniques have been explored from my studies of art techniques through this whole new medium.