Who We Are- The Televisionaries Story

Televisionaries formed when partners Paul and Mimi Roberts began to venture beyond their extensive artistic backgrounds in fine art & design to channel their creative visions into film and television.

The Televisionaries Team posess degrees in fine art and visual communications and over 20 years experience as independent creative professionals in the field, this dynamic duo create effective, eye catching visual imagery for their clients. We’ve spent over a decade since applying our expertise to major motion picture, television and theme park production design, as well as independent video production. Our presence and artistic achievements have been seen world wide.

Let me try to summarize what makes us your best choice for whatever artistic project you may be considering.

Your typical camera operator, well they know how to operate a camera, hopefully, your typical designer, chances are they know what some of the fancy buttons on the latest software programs do if you’re lucky, that is, if you go to hire an illustrator let’s hope they know how to draw and don’t rely on a computer to fake it for them."
It is posible to get by in this modern computer age relying on the latest bells and whistles alone but do you want to just get by?

You’d be surprised how many creative professionals out there try to make it without choosing to commit to a lifetime to, skill development, studies of artistic theories, practice in every area of art and just plain hard work that amounts to well deserved experience and know how. We’ve endeavored in these areas in order to develop the ability to be successful in the numerous visual communications areas in demand today.

Whether you need help with Video Production, Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography, Interactive DVD’s, Website Design, Professional Art Direction and artistic consultation or other artistic areas we work in that are too numerous to mention here, Televisionaries can may be your solution

Sure we have Final Cut Pro and Adobe and all the top software applications and shoot with lossless digital firewire cameras and edit and create on the fastest computers in the world but you need more than that if the guy down the street can do that part also.

It is what we have the ability to do with your content and how affordably we do it that makes the difference that is going to be the best choice for you.

Not every client comes to us looking for a Hollywood style production but they soon find out that Televisionaries offers the best all inclusive artistic solutions for just about any budget.

Ultimately our goal is to find the most effective way to get your message across to your target audience. Whether your production needs to sell, entertain, educate, motivate, inform, or just tell a story, Televisionaries can produce the best results you’ll find anywhere for your given budget.