I was one of two sculptors involved with sculpting these colorful creations at a children's hospital in Florida.
I have worked on numerous sculptures for use in making molds for costume pieces. Three dimentional work surprisingly comes as easy to me as other forms of 2-d art. The change is refreshing. I am happiest when in change.

I was an integral part in the look techniques, creation and sculpture of the one of a kind Batcave for the Batman Ride at Six Flags in Chicago. I was a lead sculptor & responsible for creation in fullsize instalation fabrication from a desk top model and developing techniques and styles aimed at being true to the design's original look for these carved out Batcave walls.

I helped sculpt and resolve some of the astetic issues on these Gate Entrance Statues. I was solely responsible for the creation of the ride controler's podium and the Bruce Wayne Memorial.

It was a delight and an honor to be a part of this one of a kind Batman project since I have always been such a huge Batman fan myself..

I created a life size sculpture of a generic Superhero foarm wih which I was able to create a full body foam and latex muscle suit.