Bat & Cat

A 50 Minute Video Cartoon Pilot

Wow. Finally, my first creative story telling video in 20 years since I started video production. This goofy little jem is created and finished. This sort of thing is what I got into video to do in the first place but never got to be able very much because financially it is hard to make it pay on a level where you do what you want and do it all by yourself. I am not much of a talker or sales person and only do things normally that my heart tells me to, regardless of financial benefit. So I just got started for fun regardless and work in my spare time and plan to do more after this.

This is really a simple little crude cartoon video but the great thing is that I am the only person who did it so it is something I can call completely mine at least. Because of modern technology I now have the ability to do everything a studio would do with a full crew and tons of money and the only compromise I have to make is the level the technology is currently at which is not that great. I can and will have to accept that level because it makes everything do-able by one person and I only want to tell stories anyway so...

I do not need cutting edge to do that, even though it would be nice, so I am thrilled to be working with this type of modern marvel video production tools. I hope to do more and grander projects in the future but this is just a start to get used to thinking in this new creative story telling vein of work. I hope you will enjoy it and maybe get something out of it.

The length is approximately 50 + minutes in length and I view it as a television pilot of sorts.

The story line is completely original. It involves a man and a woman who are both generic crime fighter types inspired by Batman and Catwoman of course, who are my personal favorites. They are both on opposite sides of the political spectrum and they find themselves captivated by one another and eventually in being so captivated, ultimately give the other one long enough to be able to hear what they are saying. In so doing they find themselves learning about their limits with their own extreme thoughts and ideas. They then inadvertently find a greater understanding of the problems they are both trying to solve separately and consequently my become more effective in the future.

This is meant to be an introduction only to those characters and their environments. It is meant to be as I say a pilot type of show. One of a kind.

It's 50 Minutes Long

Get Some Popcorn and Turn it up!

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