Here are some of the Props and Costumes items I have collected and made over time. Some things are items from my personal Batman Suit Costume and Prop Collection which is an ever changing collection that I have lying around and alter from time to time. I also collect Mummy Movie Props and Indiana Jones Props as well. Some works are available, some are works in progress or trades on route to their next owners and some are generic pieces that I can produce and offer on a more regular basis. The available stock is always in a constant state of flux. I do not have stock or a store. Check back or ask questions via email about things you are interested in.

On the items I make you will see No Trademarks Or Symbols Or Customizing Offered. My personal pieces are mostly original sculpts and invented items or fragments of similar articles to the non-licensed generic parts of general hero like armor suits and such, Featuring Generic Artistic Interpretations Of Body Parts And Armor. Actual named Batman Props & costumes, suits & things have trademarks so I do only generic singular items for any type generic superheros. I can not make full suits, alter things, make things fit, paint things, add symbols, customize etc.

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Generic Hero Full Body Complete Muscle Suit Made Of Strong Flexible Professional Latex over Urethane Foam. Available for only specific sizes of people. Please research details prior to ordering.

Colored Latex Finish 2000.00 to 3,500.00 MORE HERE

See Latex Armor Facades, Props, Costume Pieces below. Ask For Quote.

Facades are normally 500 for a whole and 400 or less for a part.

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The difference between mass produced, junky cowls and artisan cowls is obvious in this photo. Believe it or not, this is the same person in both.

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