Ahhhhh... California

A Very Enjoyable Evening Dinner Out With Some Of My Good Bat Buddies

Coffee At Mel's Diner Every Day

Visiting My Bat Buddy Jants. He Was A Go Getter If There Ever Was One. I had high hopes for him but he turned into a pirate. Literally.

At The "Along Came Pauly" Premeire. Jennifer Is Right Over There... Somewhere...

Turns Out The Tower Of Terror Is Right Down The Street From The Bat Cave

Overlooking LA

This Is What I Love About This Coast...

Tourist Crap

Every Day Starts Out With An Unparalelled Beauty That Makes You Want To Paint.

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The Perfect Sunset

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Ah, California. I always wanted to live here and retire in Carmel, a rich successful movie director. I would walk on this beach everyday and eat pancakes at Katie's. Man, plans change when you get married and have kids. Update 2013. Made it here finally!

I Took A Spritual Journey To Bruce Lee's Student's School

Bruce Lee is one of my real life heros. My fantasy heros are the Priest and Jon Val Jon in Les Miserables, Batman and Joan Of Ark. Again going here helps my soul connect more physically with Bruce and his real existance and legacy of skills an philosophy.

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