Max's 6th Birthday


My son Max's 6th Birthday Party. I appeared as Batman Begins and Comic Spiderman
Looks Like Max, with the thumbs up there, is having a good enough time. That is what makes it worth it doing what I do.
First Spiderman appeared and ran around like a mad man because that is what you do when you are a superhero wearing a practical suit for a change. The kids chased me everywhere and I let them catch me a few times. Then we played Red Light Green Light and I had to go change once I was worn, I mean, once they were worn out.
A throw back to my Akido Days. I do not know many gymnastic moves but I can do fast high safe forward rolls especially when on a padded playground so I ran and jumped and climbed and acted like Spiderman to the joy of all of them.
Then, miraculously, right after the Batman Bag Decorating Craft Batman arrives, conveniently tired from fighting crime all day, hence running was not on the agenda but a few pics and some preplanned interaction were.
Batman came equipted with an activity. An easy to make Batman Pinata. The kids loved it when I told them to use their superhero strength to bash it and then commented on how strong they were, and that I was glad I didn't have to go up against them in a fight. I engineered it unike other pinatas, but so that the top was open and things would fall out with most good hits. I recommend this if you are planning a costuming event like this.
Then it was off to the Batmobile conveniently hidden behind the restrooms changing area. Memories were made that day that will live on forever including in my mind. I am glad to have held onto this one special part of my childhood in order to pass it on to my children. I meet others all over the world everyday who feel the same. Max secretly knows there is no Batman but those that assume the identity from time to time and those his father helps with generic costume wares that he meets on the internet. He tells no one his Dad is Batman and his Mother is Catwoman from time to time.
A few days before at Trick or Treating.
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