Wow, What Amazing Things My Friend's And Customers Have Done

With My Various Generic Costume Items

My customers often are or become my good friends. It is a small world and we have so much in comman when we like a superhero enough to go to the trouble and expense to put together a realistic suit so that we can actually dress up like them. Here are just a few of the thousands of people from all over the world that I have had the pleasure to make the aqauaintence of. Look at what they have accomplished with various generic items that they have gotten through me. Great suits of everykind but most important is what they do with them. They have fun and realize childhood as well as new dreams as I have.

I do not sell whole suits r customized suits, as each person has different needs and size requirements and because of trademark issues but I do offer generic parts for most parts of a suit's needs and those who have the vision have taken that offering and done much with it. Enjoy.

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