Paul Roberts/ artsee1

The 69 Charger Glory Days (1982-1983)

That's My Best Friend Eric And Me. Sure We Look Stupid But You Only Live Once.

What A Great High School Experience.

(I niether am or am not a Rebel. I was young and naive once and didn't even know what it meant at the time.)

I still have the car but it is yellow and not running...

I woke up one day in 1987 after graduating from college and my room mate, who was one of my best friends, was dead from a friend's car hitting this concrete pole. This was an arty photo that he took prior to his death at the scene of his later death hitting this pole in his friends car with his friend driving. The man in the car here is his friend helping wih the photo but not the one riding with him who was killed along with him. He acted out his death a year or more prior to it happening in this photo.

Thinking back that was like maybe the end of my childhood.

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