Wow, Lucky- My Third Time Attracting the Media's attention in 6 years at Dragon Con

"Zorro Doesn't Get It Every Time."

True to form this costume is a generic combination of all the Zorros.

The Original Bruce Wayne.
Zorro Is Batman without the car and belt.
I have a good time as Zorro.
My Zorro persona seems to attract the ladies.
The pointy end goes into the other man.
Do I look like I know what I am doing?
I Don't.
Dang, everywhere I put this thing it gleems. Thanks Photoshop.
Dang if I had more room on this page I could show you the swing. But no...
Whip that ass.
Whipping it up in the parade.
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Another Zorro. For a Movie Zorro my buddy TJ's right on!

Great Whipper snapper too!