I Have Done Appearances For Family, Friends, Conventions, Costume Parties, Openings and Foster Homes.

Many Gigs Don't Pay But They Are Well Worth It For The Fun.

I have done much more since this but I must honor the beginning here.

My First Batman Returns Appearance At The Premiere Of Batman Forever At AMC Theaters & Planet Hollywood 1994

"Load The Jump Program"

My First Batman Returns Appearance At The Premiere Of Batman Forever At AMC Theaters & Planet Hollywood 1994

(Just a little stiff and unrefined, with sagging boobs to boot, but loving it.)

Performing At A Comic Store For The Hooters Girls 1994

(Wearing my belt way too high. Alfred was on vacation that week.)

"Riddle Me This Batman"

(Performing At A Comic Store With Frank Gorshin)

Five Years Of Dragon Con

Ah yes DragonCon, I know it well my friend. Not too long ago there were just a few lone Trekees, a handful of miscellaneous misguided "real" vampires and a storm trooper here or there, oh, and I almost forgot, a lot of geeks. Well they all are still there but now what you have is the grandest costuming event on the east coast. Forget the rest. That is what it is all about. Now if you are NOT in costume you are the geekiest of them all.

Here you will find photos that we have taken of us in costume along with our friends, a few hot chicks and a geek or two thrown in for good measure. We have been costuming for four years in a row though we have been going since the early 90's and we feel we helped to break the barriers of what or who can be expected to be seen in costume starting with Comic Batman and Returns Batman back in 2001.


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Birthday Parties Of Course

And More Birthday Parties Of Course

Batman Returns Full Suit At FX Toy Show 2002

Batman Returns Meets Batman & Robin At FX Toy Show 2002

At The Orlando Convention Center

Young Child Meets Her Imaginary Friend At FX Toy Show 2002

At The Orlando Convention Center (According To Mother)

Batman Returns And Streetjudge At MegaCon (Orlando 2002)

Mother Always Told Me Never To Slide Down The Banister

A Brief Break From Dragon Con On Saturday At 2:00 To Entertain At A Birthday Party

"Honey Not In Front Of the Kids"

Little Does Young Ryan Suspect That Batman And Catwoman

Are Really His Aunt And Uncle. Still Freaked At Age 5.

My First Foster Home Appearance. This Is What It's All About Folks. Try It.

The Faces Of Most Of The Children Have Been Blurred To Protect Their Identities Because There Are Safety Issues Involved.

They Have No Fear When You Are Friendly.

(But Make Sure You Can Take Plenty Of Punches For Fun.)

Comment On Their Strength And The Fact That You Are Glad You Had Your Bullet Proof Armor To Protect You.

Take The Time To Make A Quick Picture Backdrop With Spraypaint Perhaps.

Those Are Signed Pictures They Are Holding Up.

Take Plenty Of Pictures For All Of Them.

Each Child Is Special And Get's His Own Picture With Batman.

He's Warming Up... Really.

The Family That Plays Together... You Know How It Goes...

Make Wish Foundation Grants Rolyn His Wish.

Batman Comes To His Birthday Party And Gives Him A New Lap Top Computer.

Rolyn Is In And Out Of the Hospital And Diagnosed As Terminal. He Is A Very Gracious Child Deserving Of So Much More.

This Was By Far My Most Rewarding Volunteering Act As Batman.


Then & Now

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