Dragon Con 2005/ The Mummy Movie Gang

In A tribute To One Of My Very Favorite Movies Of All Time I Put Together This little costuming group with help from David and Gwen, who did the Benny and Anac sa na moon costumes.

I am Rick, Evy is my wife Mimi, the Mummy is my brother David Anak sa na moon is His Fiance Gwen, Benny is Little John, Jonathan was my friend Eric on one night and also Jay on one night.

To keep with my spirit of genericness I made a generic Mummy creature as tearing a whole in my brother so you could see through his rotting flesh was an option I felt didn't need to be persued at this time.
I made everything on my costume right down to the boots and shotgun including an entire arsonal of weapons in the functional weapons pack I am carrying, To feel like the character I love I believe in going all the way. I even cut my hair shorter than usual. I refused to have Mimi pluck her eyebrows as Rachael Weise did for the first film so she is more like the Evy from the second film. I did insist she grow taller but we had little success there.
Here are some shots of my weapons arsonal and pack. I varied it a little from the movie because perfect reference was simply not available, but it is close from what I can tell.

Also here are the various keys for the book of the dead and the map that is found inside the key.

I told my friend Eric on the end there to just hrow something on since he is always standing with us anyay so he is a generic egyptologist or something or other. In reality he is our officialial photographer and cosultant on all things we need info on, he is a font of knowledge of all things sci-fi. Unfortunately he lives on the other coast and I rarely see him any more. We keep in touch but only get together twice a year.
We are all generic and no movie stars but considering no one has ever attempted this before that I know of and we had to make everythig from scratch, I would say we did ok. If I did it again I would improve it. We had fun and honed our costuming expertise a bit further. That is what it is all about. We have big plans for next year.
What the heck am I doing? I guess I am ultimately having fun and making a life as opposed to sitting on the sofa watching TV. I have been independantly working in the film and video industry since 1990. I have been heavily involved in art all my life. I am artsee1. I do not know what that ultimately means but I am always anxious to wake up the next day and continue to find out.

If I can ever help you with costuming or artistic creative advice just ask. It is what I do. This little Mummy costuming production was only for self gratification. Visit my store if you like superheros I may have something you can use.

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