Dragon Con 2008/ The Mummy 3 Movie Rick O'Connel

A new year a new movie. Looks like the guy changed his shirt and got some nifty fingerless gloves. Oh boy.

So in the interest in updating one of my favorite characters and having a fun time at Dragoncon I updated my Rick O'Connel Character.

This is like one of my favorite characters to impersonate. I love the character. He's very similar to me in so many ways. The adventurer type. Rough around the edges. Ask my wife. Anyway, it's all about having fun.
I have a nice movie prop collection both screen used and self made. Like this watch cover which Brendan's character used in the second movie for instance. I use it for this and break it up abit as well as the shot gun holder on the back.
I'm happily married but one of the things I like about this character is that girls like this one come up, wrap there leg around you and ask to have their picture taken with you. I asked why cus our characters weren't related and she said "Cus you've got guns and you're hot." That's good enough for this 43 year old. That'll coast me through another decade or so of feeling a little younger I spose.
What the heck am I doing? I guess I am ultimately having fun and making a life as opposed to sitting on the sofa watching TV. I have been independantly working in the film and video industry since 1990. I have been heavily involved in art all my life. I am artsee1. I do not know what that ultimately means but I am always anxious to wake up the next day and continue to find out.

If I can ever help you with costuming or artistic creative advice just ask. It is what I do. This little Mummy costuming production was only for self gratification. Visit my store if you like superheros I may have something you can use.

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