Dragon Con

Ah yes DragonCon, I know it well my friend. Not too long ago there were just a few lone Trekees, a handful of miscellaneous misguided "real" vampires and a storm trooper here or there, oh, and I almost forgot, a lot of geeks. Well they all are still there but now what you have is the grandest costuming event on the east coast. Forget the rest. That is what it is all about. Now if you are NOT in costume you are the geekiest of them all.

Here you will find photos that we have taken of us in costume along with our friends, a few hot chicks and a geek or two thrown in for good measure. We have been costuming for four years in a row though we have been going since the early 90's and we feel we helped to break the barriers of what or who can be expected to be seen in costume starting with Comic Batman and Returns Batman back in 2001.

Attended many times since 1991.

YEARS Costuming:

2001 2002 2003
2004 2005 2006
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