"Looks Like DragonCon Is Getting Close."

"Hi. I'm Paul Roberts By Day And Indiana Jones Occasionally."

"Yep, That's The Arch Where Everyone Takes Pictures All right."

"Don't I Look Like I Could Be In Some Temple Or Something?"

"Mr. Cameraman, There Is A Dust Speck On The Lense. Let Me Get It"

"Should I Really Swing On My New David Morgan? Nah."

"I Wish This Temple Had A Valuable Treasure. Guess I'll Have To Check The Dealer's Room."

"What Am I Saying? The Dealer's Room Just Opened."

The Fist Resin Prop Gun I Made For My Outfit. Better ones since.

I found the idol in the dealer's room and got out in the nick of time.

Me As Indy A Year Later At Dragoncon 2003

(I finally aged the jacket. You can barely tell here though.)

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