I Took A Spiritual Journey To Both Wayne Manors And The Bat Cave

I always wanted to live at Wayne Manor and have the bat lifestyle when I grew up. My life has a lot of Batman in it but it is not quite how I had planned so far. Something tells me I am going to get closer to it one day and one way to do it, I figured, it is visit the real places of my childhood dreams.

This is the Real TV Wayne Manor. The fake one is a few houses down and popularly believed to be this one. The other one there is the movie Wayne Manor and it has been used in countless other shows and movies through the years.

This is the real Wayne Manor Gate that can not easily be seen from the popular view of the fake one so many do not realize this is further down the road.

This is what everyone thinks is the TV Wayne Manor. The real one is really a few houses down but this one looks like it and can easily be seen from the road soit is generally mistakenly though of the one. It is nick named the fake Wayne Manor.

Here I am by the front gate of the fake Wayne Manor, Unfortunately I found out only after being back in Florida which was which for certain thanks to my friend and bat buddy Zane.

This is the front yard of the Fake Wayne Manor.

What do you know? The batmobile was still parked nearby. Think I will take it for a spin.

The secret cave entrance is here just as it was 40 years ago during the TV show.

This is the road to Gotham which you take when you make a left turn out of the cave.

I though they were geniuses on the show for making this so real but the reality is it is real. It is just simply a great location.
This is the road in the opposite direction from Gotham which you take when you make a right turn out of the cave.
This is the back of the cave. All it is used for is a jogging route now and what a nice place to jog or walk your dog. Batman would never have had any real secrecy here. Kind of a bummer but kind of nice too.
This is the tunnel where the batmobile secretly zooms out in pursuit of justice and crime prevention.
Citizen, you really should not be here. This area is supposed to be the secret location for the entrance to my bat cave. I may have to use my Bat-memory spray on you so that when you wake up you will think this is all a dream and just some movie set in Hollywood. Good day sir.
I would still like to live and have my secret headquarters in there. A little light and some heaters and you would have something nice. I guess my sensibilities are warped and distorted from birth.
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