MegaCon 2009

My Batman TDK The Dark Knight Generic Costume

Friday at MegaCon 2009. I just stopped by this year because I had to get with the band and I was then out for the weekend but I got a chance to stretch the legs of my new costume and it went over well.

I put this costume together at the last minute with some spare parts and a new facade. No matter what I do I still like Returns the best, especially if I have catwoman along with me but it is refreshing to get out and force myself to do something new and try it out. I would think most people would really like this one but it is just not my cup of tea. I was really pleased how the peace came out and other people are really excited about it but to me I was just not totally feeling it. I think the problem is that things are changing so much in the comics and the movies that you think you have to change too sometimes but maybe it really is not necessary. I have some more reflecting to do on all of this.
This is probably my least favorite Batman look ever. A bullet or a knife could go right through any of the numerous chinks in this thing. Crazy. And it looks more like a robot. Anyway the crowd still loved it. Go figure.
I love this special texture pleather cape. It is not correct for this look but that doesn't bother me. It was the first time I had used it and it flowed and handled great.

Megacon is really so much less of an event than Dragoncon but since it is right here in my city I pay it a quick visit most years. It is just a good place to get out and have a use for your latest costumes and to get some feedback.
Everyone loved the new look. I was pleased with how it came out but I just can not get into it. It is just not mysterious enough looking for me. I don't know.
One thing this suit did feel like for me was that it made me feel very very armored and tough. I am not sure it is what Batman would feel like but going up against guns and the like I guess he would want to feel this way. I just thing it should be more dark. Maybe next time I will do it more dark. I think I did go a tad too light on this one. Just a hint of silver would be nice too. I don't miss not having the under suit though. Having it all one piece really kept it all streamline and led together well. In under suit would have to be very tight to have it look good and hold everything well and in place. I may do it one day. I don't know. I have to get inspired.
I never got very sweaty. The spandex and the fabric cape really kept the breeze coming in. I really have done this a lot now and as I get older I get less patience for sweat though I do notice that the tougher you make the suit and the more confident you feel, the more you enjoy the experience. I still have some bugs to work out on this one but I got through it ok. It was fun and The response from the crowd was well worth it and all very positive.
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