Sometimes I like to just put something together just for my own interests. I grew up in Sarasota, Florida so I put together a little collage of my memories there as if it were a little travel interest video in four segments.

These segments contain music that I arranged and mixed. The music in the first section is a self made original score.

Sarasota is not the same any more as it was when I studied and sketched the area's landscapes and landmarks side by side with reknowned local artist Richard Capes in the early 80's. Unfortunately, any chance the city ever had at preserving the wonderful history and distinctive structures is now ruined by foolishly shortsighted developers and poor city leadership. Even still, Sarasota will always be special to me at least in my memory.

The tone of the video is overly optimistic. That is because this video was done 15 years ago and there was still a chance for the city to move in the right direction at that time. It didn't.